All Macclesfield SciBars are kindly hosted by the Park Tavern on Park Lane.

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  1. I am co-chairing the 2013 Biochemical Society Annual Symposium which will be on the theme of ‘Biochemical determinants of tissue regeneration’ and will be held at Shrigley Hall in mid-December 2013. As part of this meeting we are planning to organise an open public lecture which will hopefully be of general interest on the topic of tissue engineering/stem cells from a major international researcher. We are also planning a linked panel discussion/science question time session with a panel made up of high-profile national and international researchers with the aim of stimulating public debate.

    I would very much welcome the opportunity to discuss our plans with the local SciBar community in the near future, if possible. We are still at the planning stage and would like your opinion on how popular you think these events would be and where we should hold them (e.g. would people be happy to travel out to Shrigley Hall if we provided some transport etc. or would we need to look for another site). I thought you would be good people to ask as hopefully you would be part of our target audience!

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  2. Raphael Murray says:

    Yes – I would be interested in attending a public lecture on this topic

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