Future SciBars

David NolanAll talks begin at 6:30 at the Park Tavern, but get down early to get a seat and a beer.

Here’s a sneak peek at who’s to come:

Of Flies and Men: How Tiny Insects Changed the World of Biology

Monday 22nd January 2018

Speaker: Andreas Prokop, Professor for Cellular & Developmental Neurobiology, Faculty of Life Sciences, University of Manchester

Ten researchers have been awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine & Physiology for discoveries made in tiny fruit flies. We will explore the history and logic behind this surprising fact.

Drosophila has remained at the forefront of biological research for over a century. Drosophila researchers have made essential contributions to our knowledge of biology and made Drosophila one of the best understood organisms.

For more information, here are some links:

http://www.flyfacility.manchester.ac.uk/forthepublic https://droso4schools.wordpress.com/why-fly